Spheres of Existence Portfolio ~ SGCI UTK 2015

Nothing New Under A Cylindrical Moon setSphere of Existence

Nothing New Under A Cylindrical Moon ~ Mapping the Psyche

At night, we dream making our way, the best we can, across terra incognito.

It’s a primitive place inhabited by archetypes and metaphors we gather during the daylight hours. These inhabitants are older than the words we use to describe them.

Philosopher Monty Merleau-Ponty talks about the ‘sedimented body.’ Our perceptions and experiences as a “coiling over of the visible upon the seeing body, the tangible upon the touching body.” All our experiences and interactions are layered like stratrum into the very muscles of our bodies. The collected experiences are stored in our cells and tissues until sleep projects this anamorphic world as a mirror onto our dreams.

For the Sphere of Existence portfolio, I reversed Waldseemuller’s ‘flatten-out’ and three-dimensional understanding of space. I explored the idea of a two dimensional image reflected in a cylindrical mirror and chose the subconscious for my expedition.

Sphere of Existence~ Organizers James Boyd Brent and Josh Binewald.

The James Ford Bell Library at the University of Minnesota has acquired a Sphere of Existence Portfolio for its permanent collection, and will mount an exhibition from the end of April to July 2015. The portfolio of prints will be exhibited along with the original Waldseemüller Gore Map that they have in their collection.