Millstones and Grist

The millstones, bedstone and runner, work as a pair. They mirror and reflect each other. Together they transform collected materials and prepare them for another use; grain to grist to flour to bread. I gather my materials, transform them, refine them and offer them as a shared experience of reflection.

I think about millstones in philosophical terms. The millstones are described in a topographical language of landscapes and furrows. The furrows are the engraved patterns below the surface of the stones.  I blend the descriptive terminology of the landscape with the terrain of the body.

Philosopher, Maurice Merleau-Ponty wrote about the ‘sedimented body.’  Merleau-Ponty explains that what we experience in the external world we deposit internally into our bodies. All we encounter is accumulated and layered in our very muscles, nerves & tendons. The daily grinding wears away at the stones’ surfaces. So the stones’ patterns need to be repaired or ‘dressed.’ They may very well show traces and patterns of previous wear and use. I embed these surfaces with my experiences, and remind myself that old worn out patterns can be reset.