Inscribed ~ Walking Performance

The gesture was simple. Five women wore grey clothing and carried deep white porcelain plates filled with blue ink. The ink filled bowls were left on a 48”x48” pedestal covered with ceramic tiles in the gallery after the performance. The ink was left to saturate, evaporate or reticulate in the bowls. Inscribed incorporates metaphors and references to the written word, the scribe, nature as the feminine voice, echos of Lake Bonneville dissolving into the Great Salt Lake, Rilke’s references to the ‘pure word’ and residual gentian stains. Inscribed tries to embody the Salt Lake Valley established under a utopia vision, gridded out in a uniform manner. How the ‘written word’ might define an individual and her roles in the community.

What is written upon our bodies because we belong to a certain place and time?

I am grateful for each of my performers, Corey Day, Colour Maisch, Barb Schaecher and Janie Laird.

Thank you Simon Blundell for making such great images.

Inscribed was performed during the Collective Experience opening reception at the Utah Visual Arts Program – Arts & Museums Rio Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah. 3/20/2015