Curated Portfolios ~

Right In Front of Your Eyes ~ Building on Destructive and Unsustainable Practices

Exhibited at IMPACT9, Hangzhou, China, 2015 and SGCI Portland, Oregon, 2016.

Artists were asked to identify a current unsustainable practice which may include debt-based banking and economic systems, conventional agricultural practices, Mass-consumption economies based on buy-it-and-trash-it behavior, loss of animal habitat, fossil fuel consumption, population growth, widespread pharmaceutical contamination of the environment, conventional medical systems, genetic alterations by GMOs, overfishing, pollution (air, land & oceans) . . .the list goes on.

Working with IMPACT9’s theme of ‘Post-Print,’ I created a print installation.  Individual artists submitted an image of their original print created with traditional print techniques. The images are printed onto vinyl cling window decals with a template of bones superimposed. A masking template echoed the architectural structure of  ossuaries or ‘bone churches.’

Why window decals? It supports the sub-theme of ‘looking right through something.’ We all behave as if we don’t see what is happening or what the consequences will be from these practices.  It’s just easier to ignore than look directly at the problems.

‘A Token Gesture’

Gestures done for the sake of appearance are called ‘token gestures.’ The artists participating in this portfolio were asked to design a token based on a contemporary issue (financial, environmental, socio or political, etc.) and designate what their token’s redeemable value would be.

‘A Token Gesture’ portfolio was designed as an open call project utilizing social media and personal contacts to create a diverse pool of artists. The portfolio includes laser cut and hand crafted relief prints.  Each artist was asked to create two relief prints (size:  24” or 18” diameter) printed on a 26” x 26” paper size. In trade, I produced a “Pocket Collector’s Edition” one for each participant.   The portfolio has been exhibited at the IMPACT 8 Print Conference, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Scotland, UK, 2013, 2nd RMPA Symposium, University of Utah, 2013 and Texas A&M, Kingston, Texas, 2013, Museum of Science and Art, McAllen, TX 2014.


We’re not in Kansas anymore.

Signs of the Times and the Homeland folio, the original prints were reproduced on vinyl and mounted to aluminum signs, 2009.