Coalesced Matter

My Dad builds radio controlled model airplanes. He down loads Russian blue prints of World War II and Vietnam era fighter planes from the internet.  Dad constructs his planes from scratch. The plans are scaled to size, molds are made, and parts are ordered for each plane he creates. The basement is his workshop and is scattered with the remains of planes flown in the past. He calls it the ‘bone yards.’

I sleep over these airplanes and dream of a different kind of flight. Most of our conversations these days are about flying: how to calculate the gravitational center of each plane for balance; the importance of the symmetry in your materials; and the effects of drag and lift during flight.  I worry about inertia and the resistance to change.  When my Dad talks to me of flying, I hear metaphors about how to live and look at the future.  I fold all these thoughts and conversations into my paper airplanes.

Dancing Eagle I

The latest in this ‘flight’ series. Dancing Eagle.  Dancing Eagle was carved and printed for the 301 Gallery Small Installation space. One of the prints was pasted to the interior ceiling of the space.  See above. I sent two prints to Scott Skinner, master kite builder, of the Drachen Organization ~ one for him and one for me.  Here’s the outcome: Ghost Kachina.