2016 Great Salt Lake Issues Forum: Great Salt Lake in the Big Picture

It was my pleasure to participate in an artist panel curated by Hikmet Loe for the Friends of the Great Salt Lake ~ 2016 Great Salt Lake Issues Forum.  I was able to include Joey Behrens, Erik Waterkotte and Anna Kenar in my presentation.

Still Great? : Artists’ Responses to a Lake in Crisis: The panel brought together three artists who participated in the 2015 exhibition “A Measure of Salt: Contemporary Artists Engaging Great Salt Lake.” While the focus of the exhibition was the lake’s materiality, each artist – in their published statement – discussed their observations of the lake and phenomenological orientation to this body of water.

Hikmet Loe asked us to consider author Timothy Morton’s, The Ecological Thought. Morton positions artists as those able to assist others in understanding and coping with our Anthropocene Era. In fact, Morton finds artists to be essential as he writes: “Ecology talks about areas of life that we find annoying, boring, and embarrassing. Art can help us, because it’s a place in our culture that deals with intensity, shame, abjection, and loss. It also deals with reality and unreality, being and seeming.”